Genesis Laboratories, Inc was founded by Dr. Robin Clark in 1992. Genesis Laboratories is the only privately-owned laboratory providing cytogenetic testing services in the Inland Empire region of Southern California and beyond.

What is Cytogenetics?

Cytogenetics is the science of imaging chromosomes, a type of low-resolution genomics.

Cytogenetic studies can reveal:

  • Changes in physical morphology and the arrangement of chromosomes and mosiacism
  • Clonal anomalies and clonal progression in cancer.

Cytogenetic studies aid in the diagnosis of:

  • Women whose pregnancies are at increased risk for Down syndrome or other chromosome abnormalities
  • Newborns and children with congenital anomalies
  • Adults and children with intellectual disabilities
  • Individuals with leukemias and other blood and bone marrow cancer.

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What studies do we perform?

Genesis Laboratories performs the following specific studies:

  • Prenatal analysis of Amniotic Fluid
  • Solid Tissue Chromosome Analysis
  • Bone Marrow Chromosome Analysis
  • Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH)
  • Peripheral Blood Chromosome Analysis, including:
    • Routine Banding
    • High-resolution Banding
    • High-resolution Banding with FISH

Why choose us?


Genesis Laboratories performs the following specific studies: Prenatal analysis of Amniotic Fluid, Solid Tissue Chromosome Analysis, Bone Marrow Chromosome Analysis and more. Get more information about our services


Contact us today at (800) 781-9923 to see how your organization can refer specimens to Genesis Laboratories. For more information please see our for physicians page



Genesis Laboratories is directed and owned by Dr. Robin Clark, board–certified in Pediatrics, Clinical Genetics & Cytogenetics. Learn more about Dr. Robin D. Clark

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